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Manufacturing Solutions for Your Business

CNC Machining

TuffTek Manufacturing uses CNC to produce custom outdoor cabinets, marine parts, and other sheet goods projects. Our expertise in CNC machining allows us to provide rapid prototyping and fast turnaround times for our clients. Contact us to discuss your project needs and see how we can help bring your ideas to life.

Sheet Goods Fabrication

We specialize in working with HDPE and other sheet goods to create unique and custom projects for our clients. Our team of experts can help you design and fabricate the perfect solution for your business needs. Contact us today to learn more about our sheet goods fabrication services.

Design Services

Our experienced team of designers can work with you to create the perfect product for your business. From concept to completion, we provide a comprehensive suite of design  and Manufacturing services to ensure your project is a success. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities.

TuffTek Product Lines

Experience the rugged durability of TuffTek Products. Our outdoor & hard environment line is crafted to withstand any weather or conditions, providing you with reliable storage options that won't let you down. From weatherproof cabinets to dock and marine accessories and garage storage solutions, we've got you covered.

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking."

Henry Ford

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