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Bass is good, cracks are not...


Designed to keep your speakers rigidly fastened and your fiberglass crack-free, our speaker backing rings reduce point-load on your boat's brittle fiberglass.


Modern large magnet subs and speakers put a significant torsional load on fasteners resulting in stress cracking and screws working loose. Using our StarBoard backing rings, the weight is distributed over a much larger area and as a clamping force (compressive), which is all to say, it makes your fiberglass happy. 


These rings also double as rigid cutout templates making installation easier for clean, professional results. 


Be sure to specify your speaker model number when ordering!



  • can't get to the backside of my cutout, how can I still use a backing ring?
  •  Answer: It happens, we've all been there... Fortunately, all you need to do is cut a slit between two of the screw holes from the inside out. You can then spin the backing ring into the hole somewhat like you would a keyring on a key. 


Speaker/Subwoofer Backing Rings (Per-Pair)

PriceFrom $39.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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