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Yup, they changed the size again...


If you've ever been elbows deep adding the latest skull-pounding sound system to your boat only to get kicked in the face by reality when things don't quite line up, you'll know why we made this.


Manufactures are constantly changing form factors for marine electronics. If you want to do some upgrade but aren't ready for a total helm makeover, this is your solution! Our adaptor plates are CNC cut and aviable in various materials and colors and can be customized to almost equipment cutouts. Don't see what you are looking for? Give us a call and we can help get you sorted. 


We make these plates out of 1/4" sheets for StarBoard and Acrylic and 1/8" for Carbon Fiber


If you're a little bummed that we took away your best excuse for that helm remake, well we can help with that too. Ask our team about custom help panels and design consultation!

Head Unit Adaptor Plate

PriceFrom $19.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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